Client Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge?

Our focus is to maximize your profitability. Our wholesale rates, or no-fee structures, are second to none.

Can You Integrate With My Current Setup?

Probably so! With multiple partners, we have hundreds of integration options.

When Will I Receive Funds In My Account?

We offer deposits within a few hours of processing if needed.

How Do I Fight a Chargeback?

We help with all aspects of securing our client accounts, including coaching to avoid disputes. Our teams go to bat for you in the event of a chargeback and keep you informed along the way.

How Do I Contact My Credit Card Processor?

We handle all your inquiries. The days of waiting on hold are over. Contact our office whenever you need help or have a question.

What Information Do I Need to Key a Transaction?

Our solutions will reduce your cost and minimize risk. At a minimum, the billing address for the cardholder along with any codes on the card are required.

How Can I Reduce My Receivables?

We offer solutions to get you paid however you do business whether you need a mobile device or the ability to email electronic invoices.

Can I Process with QuickBooks?

Yes, we offer software plug-ins that allow you to run your business without paying an arm and leg.

Do I Have to Lease any Equipment?

No, we offer several programs for our clients that do not wish to lease.

What is PCI Compliance?

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance is the payment industry’s method of keeping card information secure. We assist with all areas of compliance and make the process simple.