Electronic Invoicing

Digitally issue invoices to all your clients with our electronic invoicing platform. It’s an integrated solution, allowing for automated direct flow of payment requests reducing your receivables.

Our powerful electronic invoicing solutions are designed for everyone. Whatever the size of your business, or your industry, we have you covered and you can look forward to easily sending out, receiving and processing your invoices electronically. Our system is easy to use with a user-friendly user interface.

Our electronic invoicing solutions are 100 % compliant with all relevant legal regulations and data transfer standards. We aim to deliver a platform for document exchange that is not only highly efficient but also very secure.

Key Benefits

  • Get paid quicker using our solutions
  • Full compliance with legal requirements and standards
  • Efficient document exchange and optimized payment processes
  • Reduced operational costs compared to paper-based document exchange
  • High accuracy guaranteed
  • Seamless integration into new systems without worrying about operations interruptions or needing new interfaces
  • Stronger business relationships driven by transparent data exchange and efficient processing.

Happy Customers


I have known David Caraker, the owner of Integrity Business Resources for years and have used his services personally and referred him to others. He is honest and Knowledgeable. I strongly recommend Integrity Business Resources!

- Jeff Lucas


David is one of the kindest people I know. He was informative, gave me solutions to different problems I had and was willing to help me in my business whether it benefitted him or not. I’m so grateful for his knowledge and his follow through and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

- White Crane Clinic


A true professional. Any business owner should talk to Mr. Caraker and take full advantage of everything Integrity Business Resources has to offer!

- Mike Linden

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