Which is Best Clover or Square?

Point of sale comparison – Square vs. Clover

Running a business means you need to find a way to ensure that payments are made in good time. The best way to ensure this is to get a Point of Sales (POS) system. Since there are different types in the market, you might be conflicted over which one will work for you and your business.

Here is a comparison between square and clover POS systems. They are the two leading systems in the market, and they all come with their pros and cons.

What are the Monthly Fees

One thing you need to consider when choosing your POS is the fee charges for using them. Square’s monthly fee is not fixed, so you need to have a flexible budget. On the other hand, Clover comes with a fixed monthly budget. If you have a tight budget, it helps if you get a fixed service. It goes a long way to help you figure out where your money should go and if you have any left.

Do They Offer Credit Card Processing

Both Clover and Square come with credit card processing. With Square, you can attach it to your phone and any other handled devices. On the other hand, Clover syncs your devices to the Clover app so you can easily transact.

Setting up rewards and loyalty points comes free when using Clover, but you must pay for this service when using Square. Both the systems store customers’ profiles and will notify you of return customers.

POS Comparisons

Another important thing you need to consider when choosing your POS system is how the system functions. Comparing these two will ensure you make the best choice regarding your POS. The $999 Square POS is comprehensive but does not allow any additional apps to run, and neither does it pay with Bluetooth. On the other hand, Clover has a one-time payment of $1299 that comes with a register and a receipt printer.

Starting, you can use the free square app. It can get limited if you plan to upscale your business. With Clover, you can access three different payment plans based on your business needs and wants. Both Square and Clover can be integrated with various platforms, and all you need to do is figure out which platforms you need to use. The best thing about these two platforms is they take various payment methods.

Which POS Will Meet Your Business Needs

Once you have considered all these pointers, you need to look at your business and its needs. The POS you get needs to meet all your business needs. Some of the features you need to look out for when it comes to business needs are inventory management, employee management, and sales reports. A good POS needs to keep track of all these.

Since Clover and Square are basic, they allow add-ons to help with this role. As such, you need to figure out which add-ons your POS is compatible with before you settle on it. Clover is superior because it allows for some add-ons at no extra cost. It goes a long way to ensure that you can work with a well-thought-out POS with no bugs.

Clover and Square are some of the leading systems compared to the other POS systems in the market. They have the best features and are affordable as well. When put in a side-by-side comparison, Clover takes the lead. It offers business room for growth and works well with other add-ons in the market.

The available packages are also affordable, which means you get value for your money. Take your time and look through these POS options and pick what will work for you and your business. Contact Integrity Business Resources today for more information and get growing!